The Reece Center for Handicapped Horsemanship

For the first time in 2005, The Reece Center took two athletes to the Special Olympics Equestrian Games in Perry, GA.

November 12 - 13, 2005 Dylan Collins and Elena Weaver represented The Reece Center in fine style in trail, showmanship and equiation. Their months of hard work practicing and memorizing patterns paid off in glorious fashion.

Elena took a gold in trail, one in equitation and a silver in showmanship.

Dylan took a gold in showmanship, a silver in trail and a fourth place in equiation.

We also had a great turn out of Reece Center volunteers to assist in the barn and to help cheer our athletes on to victory. Elena and Dylan could never have achieved so much without the wonderful support of all of our volunteers, their parents and the other athletes at the Reece Center.

We could not have been more proud of Dylan and Elena, how they performed and how wonderfully they displayed their sportsmanship.

After such a wonderful weekend, we will definitely be heading back to the games next year. We are looking forward to taking even more athletes to next year's games.

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