The Reece Center for Handicapped Horsemanship

August 20 - 22, 2010, The Reece Center took riders to the Special Olympics Georgia State Equestrian Games for the sixth year in a row. Everyone had a wonderful time and everyone did absolutely GREAT!

Returning to the ring were Dylan and Lisa and they rode like the veteran riders they are.

Behind the scenes, volunteer Rick came along to really help keep things moving.

Medals and ribbons were won by all, but most importantly we all had a FUN time.

New to the ring were three new riders. Jacob, Morgan and Adia all competed for the first time and did an oustanding job.

Each rider competed in showmanship, trail and equitation and everyone, horses included did a great job. Parents and volunteers alike couldn't have been more proud.

Speaking of volunteers, some new faces showed up in the ring with our riders. Sarah and Stacey came along to help our beginners get over those show jitters. They did a fantastic job.

Click here for more pictures of our 2010 Special Olympics Adventures



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