The Reece Center for Handicapped Horsemanship

August 24 - 26, 2012 - This year was our eighth year attending the Special Olympics and our riders just keep getting better and better! Our Special Olympics Athletes - Sarah, Morgan, Jacob F., Adia, Dylan and Lisa were outstanding. And joining them on our Unified Riding Teams were Carmen, Jacob C.and Jenna.

Morgan and Carmen made a great Unified Riding Team riding to the Cheetah Girls' "Cheetah Sisters." Their horses were great looking in their Cheetah Costumes.

Dylan, Lisa, Jacob C. and Jenna created an amazing Unified Riding Team that rode to Lady Gaga's "Born This Way." Horses and riders rocked the neon costumes.



Athlete Lisa, Volunteer Jenna and Athlete Jacob represented the Reece Center in the Parade of Athletes Opening Ceremony.

Our riders strutted their stuff without music too, competing in Showmanship, Equitation, Horsemanship and Trail. We were thrilled with how well everyone did in all of their classes.

And a huge thank you to our volunteers - without them there would be no Special Olympics. Stacy, Randy, Sara, Jenna, John and Rosanne.


2012 Special Olympians in Action (Pictures)

2012 Special Olympians in Action (Videos)

2012 Unified Riding Team 1 - Cheetah Sisters

2012 Unified Riding Team 2 - Born This Way

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