The Reece Center for Handicapped Horsemanship

October 07-09, 2016 the Reece Center celebrated 12 years of participating in the Special Olympics!

It was a wonderful weekend to celebrate a decade of amazing accomplishments!

Our riders and volunteers were in fine form and even the rainy (OK, monsoon-like!) weather didn't slow us down!




Everyone has fun at Special Olympics, riders and volunteers! Thanks to volunteers Jenna, Stacy, John, Rick, Keith, Courtney, Wade, Denise and Heather for making it so special!


Riders Adia Cooper, Lisa Eaton, Sarah Whitney, Jacob Flowe,JP, Megan and Erin Jarrell showed their horses in showmanship, equitation and trail classes. Everyone was amazing in everything they did - we could not have been more proud!

Our horses really were amazing as well! Saffy, Levi, Mulligan, Casper and Leigh were as steady and steadfast as anyone could ask for! We are so proud of them, too!


2016 Special Olympians in Action (Pictures)

2016 Special Olympians in Action (Videos)


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