2020 Schedule

January 11, 2020

     First Day of Winter Semester

February 15, 2020

    No Classes, Winter Break

March 7, 2020

    First Day of Spring Semester

March 28 & April 4, 2020

    No Classes, Spring Break

May 16, 2020

    Last Day of Spring Semester

June 13, 2020

    First Day of Summer Semester

    (Classes every other Saturday)

August 22, 2020

    Last Day of Summer Semester

September 12, 2020

    First Day of Fall Semester

October 10 - 12, 2020

     Special Olympics Horse Show

November 14, 2020

    Last Day of Fall Semester/Fall Party



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Phone  404-314-5450


Meet some of our staff members. 

Wade Wheeler - Our founder and director, Wade was one of the original people that started the Reece Center in 1984 and he has been running the show with love and dedication ever since. He continues to be an inspiration for our volunteers and riders alike!

Denise Wheeler - Our Assistant Director, Denise has been devoted to The Reece Center for over 20 years.  As a certified PATH instructor and Special Olympics coach, Denise shows her incredible love of her Reece Center family every day!

Heather Hipp - As one of our instructors, Heather has been a committed volunteer at The Reece Center since 2000.  She is a certified PATH instructor and Special Olympics coach, as well.  She is also our self-taught webmaster and all around jack of all trades for The Reece Center.

Jenna Rudd - Jenna has been one of our most dedicated volunteers for many years at The Reece Center. Not only does Jenna devote her time on Saturdays to assist with classes, she also feeds regularly each week to ensure our herd is well cared for!

Stacy Weenick - Another of our most dedicated volunteers for years, Stacy also cares for our herd on a regular basis. She can always be found at The Reece Center for Saturday classes and for special events.


There is no way we could ever list all of our amazing volunteers that make The Reece Center possible.  To all of them we give our love and gratitude for the hours, days, months and years they dedicate to making The Reece Center family what it is!