2020 Schedule

January 11, 2020

     First Day of Winter Semester

February 15, 2020

    No Classes, Winter Break

March 7, 2020

    First Day of Spring Semester

March 28 & April 4, 2020

    No Classes, Spring Break

May 16, 2020

    Last Day of Spring Semester

June 13, 2020

    First Day of Summer Semester

    (Classes every other Saturday)

August 22, 2020

    Last Day of Summer Semester

September 12, 2020

    First Day of Fall Semester

October 10 - 12, 2020

     Special Olympics Horse Show

November 14, 2020

    Last Day of Fall Semester/Fall Party



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Welcome to our Special Olympics page!  Here we celebrate our riders and their accomplishments when they attend the Special Olympics Horse Show.

Each year we offer those students that qualify for Special Olympics a chance to participate in the Special Olympics Georgia Horse Show in showmanship, equitation, trail and unified riding.

In showmanship, athletes "show" their horse from the ground.  They walk and/or trot their horse to the judge, show their horse as the judge walks around their horse and then depart when dismissed.

In equitation, athletes ride a short pattern while being judged on their position and ability to control their horse.

During trail classes, the rider guides their horse through a pattern of obstacles, remembering the pattern as they go around cones, barrels, over bridges and open mail boxes.

In our unified riding class, this is like a drill team to music.  Our riders are paired with a unified partner and they ride a pattern to music as a group, sometimes in costumes.

Please follow the link below to our You Tube channel so you can see some great videos of our riders at Special Olympics!

Reece Center You Tube Channel