The Reece Center for Handicapped Horsemanship

Sponsoring A Horse

The perfect gift for that horse person on your list. It is a great way to show how much you care about them as well as the horses and students at The Reece Center. Your sponsorship is completely tax deductible and helps to pay for feed, hay, farrier trips, verterinarian visits and a host of other things that go into caring for these wonderful animals.

Sponsoring a horse costs just $400 per year (paid in quarterly increments of $100). With your sponsorship you receive a certificate with your name (or the name of the person you are purchasing the sponsorship for) and details and pictures of the horse you are sponsoring. At the Center, a certificate will be posted on your horse's stall letting everyone know who has adopted that horse.

If you are interested in sponsoring a horse, please email Denise Wheeler and soon you will have a certificate of your own to frame and enjoy.

Our Horses are the backbone of our program. Without these special animals we would not be able to help our students with their much needed equine therapy.

Your donations are very important to our program and we could not continue without them.



Financial Statements can be obtained by letter to P.O. Box 730 Sharpsburg, GA 30277-0730. There will be a processing fee.

Donating A Horse

It takes a very special horse to be included in a program such as ours. If you have a horse you are interested donating, we would love to talk with you.

All horses in our program have been carefully screened before they were accepted. Due to financial considerations, we cannot take every horse that is offered to us for donation and there will be a fee involved to accept your donation.

There are many qualities we require in the horses for our program. They must be well trained for riding, english or western. They must have a calm and accepting disposition and be patient yet attentive. Our horses must accept a variety of stimuli that are not "normal" for many horses in their daily lives. We also require that they be sound and healthy. At times we are looking for horses of a certain size or temperment to fill certain slots in our program.

This list is just the beginning of our requirements. Please contact Denise Wheeler for further information.

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