The Reece Center for Handicapped Horsemanship

Sponsoring A Special Olympics Rider

Riding in the Special Olympics Equestrian Event requires a lot from our riders, horses and volunteers.

Each Saturday, Special Olympics riders spend extra time working on their riding skills and learning patterns. They attend shows during the year and even ride in the summer during the Georgia heat. All in an effort to do their best at the Special Olympics State Equestrian games in November.

Dylan has been riding with the Reece Center for many years and was one of our first Special Olympians in 2005. He competes in western riding, trail riding and showmanship and futures.

Lisa joined our Special Olympics team in 2006. She and Sassy are quite a team. They compete in english equitaiton, trail and showmanship.

Dyaln and Casper

Dylan & Lady, working together

Lisa & Sassy compete together!

This year Jacob, Adia and Morgan are joining the Special Olympics Team! It is going to be a fun time in Perry with all of our new and returning riders.

All of our riders put forth that extra effort in their riding. However, our Special Olympics riders give even more. It takes a lot of resources from their families and the Reece Center to allow them to participate in the Special Olympics each year.

The Reece Center is providing a unique opportunity for you to sponsor a Special Olympics rider. Your donation can help them reach their goals and live their dreams.

Please use our donations page to make a donation through PayPal or contact us. You can mark your donation to "Sponsor a Special Olympics Rider" and we will make sure that Dylan, Lisa and any other riders interested at the Center get a chance to make their dreams come true.

Lisa gets her medal !

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