The Reece Center for Handicapped Horsemanship


We have provided equine therapy for Metro Atlanta͍ physically and mentally challenged children and adults since 1984. We are looking forward to serving for the next 30 years.

Help Us Raise Funds for an Indoor Arena! We need to grow our program and we cannot do it without you! Every little donation helps!

Please go to Go Fund Me to make a donation to our Indoor Arena Fund!

The Reece Center Riders celebrated 12 years of participating in the Special Olympics in 2016! See all of their pictures as they rocked it! xxxxxxxxxxxx2016 Special Olympics.

Enjoy a short 3 minute video of our riders and their parents as they talk about how the Reece Center has helped them.


The Reece Center is a PATH (Formerly NARHA) Member Center and Accredited by the Special Olympics.

HELP THE REECE CENTER GROW! We are always in need of donations to feed our horses. We are also taking donations trying to raise money to build an indoor arena. Click here to go to our donations page . Every dollar helps!

Come see our Sensory Ring!! A HUGE Thank You to the Holly Lane Foundation. Thanks to their generous grant we have been able to build a sensory ring for our Autistic riders. All of our riders are enjoying it and it is also allowing us to expand our program. We'd love to show it to you.


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